About Us

EPIC is Canada's first independent institution dedicated to Earth observation and planetary science. We aim to help steward a sustainable future on Earth, while spearheading Canada's scientific advancements as humans return to the Moon and venture on to Mars.

As an independent institution, EPIC is empowered with the agility to shift and expand scientific priorities as government and industry needs arise. Beyond research, we catalyse actionable outcomes, creating synergies between scientists, policymakers, and communities. Our goal is not only to advance knowledge, but to translate it into tangible benefits for people and planet(s). We envision a future where inspired Canadians passionately chase the stars, all while remaining grounded in their commitment to Earth's well-being.

Focus Areas


Enable Canadian scientists with access to novel funding streams for agile, innovative projects.


Empower burgeoning space enterprises in Canada with a solid scientific foundation for their mission and technology.


Equip students and early career researchers with essential tools and skills to utilize space data and access space missions.


Spark STEM enthusiasm and awareness for Canada's dynamic space sector and its abundant career opportunities.


Tanya Harrison, Ph.D.

CEO and Director

Merges deep research expertise in planetary science with agile space industry acumen to redefine how we explore and understand worlds.

Gordon “Oz” Osinski, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Expert at the forefront of geology and planetary science, leading groundbreaking research that deciphers the complex histories of the Earth, Moon, and Mars.